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CAD in Textile Industry
CAD or Computer-aided design has brought a revolution in the Textile Industry. The time consuming and cumbersome process of textile designing has been made easier by CAD. Now thoughtful and innovative designs are available to the textile designers and textile manufacturers at the click of a mouse. Lets see what all benefits are provided by this technical tool.

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Textile Services Industry Overview

An Introduction
Textile Services
All services related to textile industry are available today including Computer-Aided Design, Contract Quilting, Contract Yarn Spinning, Custom Printing, Fabric Welding, Silk Screening, Textile Designers services, Contract Knitting, Contract Sewing, Custom Embroidery, Custom Slitting, Pleating, Specialty Weaving, Contract Napping, Contract Weaving, Custom Perforating, Custom Swatching, Private Labeling, Testing End Product and many more. These services provide comprehensive solutions that help improve traceability, reduce losses and eliminate significant manual labor but it is critical to find a service provider on whom the company can rely upon. Those who can give reliable advice based on the needs of the firms should be selected.

Textile Services - Availability and Implications
Traditionally, the textile and apparels industry has always been a labor-intensive industry. It is one of those industries which need a good amount of infrastructural and capital investments. In view of increasing global competition and pressure, business owners must find ways to reduce their operational costs. At the same time, service quality should not deteriorate and must be improved continuously. For achieving this aim, the producers and manufactures of textile end-products, always seek technology solutions. The gradual automation and outsourcing production activities in low cost destinations have helped the industry to reduce labour costs to a considerable levels. But there are so many processes involved in manufacturing textile product that if a unit is established for each process, it will not let the business owner earn respectable profit. As such, the trend these days is to assign a specific part of manufacturing process to companies providing textile services.

Textile fabrication services provide sewing, stitching, trimming, and tailoring services. They may also perform weaving, felting, embroidering, quilting, dyeing and printing. The hiring firms look for capabilities and costs when selecting a textile fabrication service.

Speaking of certain specific textile services like Computer aided design, it has become a major trend in the apparel and textile industry today. The entire process of designing a fabric is revolutionized. The result is not only increase in speed, but also greater accuracy than the manual process. The only consideration is the time to be invested in researching the large variety of hardware and software options available in the market. Then training and support should be given to the employees which is again time consuming and expensive. All these drawbacks can be avoided and the benefits can be taken by availing the service provided by specialized company in the work.

Trends in Textile Services
Many of the textile service providers operate in many countries and also act as sourcing buying agencies and trading/manufacturing companies. Some of them really give a low cost, value added package to their clients by combining fabric qualities and production abilities of specialist countries. On behalf of the textile manufacturing companies, these textile service providers undertake fabric development, sampling and inspection.

E-commerce, made possible by the Internet, has established relationship between buyer and seller. Almost all the large companies are buying textile services through it. The service providers also use new technologies like cell phones, pagers and PDAs to track jobs and communicate changes. The Internet will further influence this sector.


Textile Services
Textile Services

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