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This section contains information about associations related to various textile services. These include services required by all- textile manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc. A brief profile explaining the aims and functions of associations along with its contact address, telephone and fax numbers website address etc. have also been provided.


International Quilt Association (IQA)

Profile :IQA aims at preserving the art of quilting, attainment of public recognition and advancement of quilting as an art form. It supports many projects and activities, including a grant program, which funds research and other quilt-related projects and two annual Judged Shows of members' work. It organizes many events in international quilt festivals where prizes are also awarded to the winners.

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Contact Address :7660 Woodway, Suite 550 Houston, TX 77063

Embroidery Trade Association (ETA)

Profile : ETA is the association of commercial embroiderers ranging from single person shops to huge operations. It provides education, business support, networking, research, consumer outreach, and business discounts and sources to its members. It also provides commercial embroiderers with resources in every facet of their business endeavors.

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Contact Address : 4230 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 414 Dallas, Texas 75244      info@embroiderytrade.org

National Academy of Needlearts (NAN)

Profile : The National Academy of Needlearts, established in 1985, is devoted to the advancement of embroidery as an art form. It provides certification programs for needlework artists who wish to further their custom embroidery skills as teachers, judges, artists, designers, authors, and technically proficient embroiderers. The Academy sponsors its annual 'Assembly for Embroiderers' every year which is a needlework seminar open to all students of embroidery.

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Contact Address : c/o Carlene Harwick E 9526 E. Munising Avenue Munising, MI 49862      charwick@charter.net

The Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc. (EGA)

Profile :EGA offers study and preservation of the heritage and art of embroidery and is open to anyone interested in needlework. It conducts correspondence courses and teacher & judge certification programs also. It has built up a textile collection through donations which is made available to the membership for study as well as for exhibits. It regularly holds workshops featuring local, national & internationally recognized artists. A national, juried exhibit is sponsored every three years with both members and non-member submissions. It also maintains an Embroidery Museum and Resource Center for education, distribution of needlework related materials, and publications to members and to the public.

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Contact Address : 426 West Jefferson Street Louisville, KY 40202-3202      -
  (502) 589-6956
  (502) 584-7900

International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations (IFCBA)

Profile : IFCBA helps international traders by bringing together critical business information that allows importers to clear their goods safely, securely and quickly through Customs. They manage their business data to ensure that their goods meet Customs requirements. IFCBA Association Members are the national customs brokers association in a country and its business members are companies with an interest in international trade.

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Contact Address : 55 Murray Street Suite 320, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M3, Canada      ifcba@ifcba.org, kzuniga@fzuniga.com

Canadian Quilters Association

Profile : Canadian Quilters Association aims at promoting greater understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of the art, techniques, and heritage of patchwork, appliqu� and quilting. It works for facilitating standards of workmanship & design in traditional as well as innovative work and for fostering cooperation & sharing among quilt makers across the country. It has two categories of membership- Individual Membership & Guild Membership. Members get the Quarterly newsletter " The Canadian Quilter" along with other benefits. The Association also gives away many awards to recognize quilters and teachers of quilting.

 Fact File
Contact Address : 6 Spruce Street, Pasadena, NL Canada A0L 1K0      administration@canadianquilter.com
 1-877-672-8777 (North America) 1-709-686-5882
 1-866-603-7040 (North America) 1-709-686-5883

Turkish Textile Employers' Association (T�SIS)

Profile : T�SIS works for maintaining and improving common economic & social rights & interests of member employers in textile industry within the frame of legislation. It organizes surveys, trips & educational meetings within country and abroad so that its members can benefit from others' experiences too. It also represents its members before labor unions, arranges the industrial relations and concludes collective bargaining agreements.

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Contact Address : MetroCity Ofis Katlari, Kat.19 Levent, Istanbul      info@tekstilisveren.org.tr
  (90.212) 344 0 777
  (90.212) 344 0 766

International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association ( LIMA)

Profile : LIMA represents the licensing industry and its members include from licensors to licensees, retailers, consultants, and many other support organizations. LIMA aims for growth and expansion of licensing. It represents the interests of its membership worldwide by providing a forum for networking, serving as a source of education & information, establishing standards of ethical and professional conduct, and recognizing excellence and achievement in the industry through its awards.

 Fact File
Contact Address : 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4019 New York, NY 10118      info@licensing.org

American Flock Association

Profile : American Flock Association is an affiliate of the National Textile Association. It works for strengthening the flock industry in North America. It assists in finding value-added fiber coating solutions by providing information and establishing contact with qualified AFA members who can provide those solutions.

 Fact File
Contact Address : 6 Beacon St. Suite 1125 Boston, MA 02108      info@flocking.org
 (617) 303-6288
  (617) 542-2199

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. (HGA)

Profile :HGA was established in 1969 to encourage creativity and excellence in the fiber arts. It brings together weaveing, spinning, dyeing, basketmaking, fiber artists and educators. It also provides educational programs, conferences, and a quarterly publication, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, to its members.

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Contact Address : 1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211 Suwanee, Georgia 30024      hga@weavespindye.org


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