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Textile Products Industry Overview

An Introduction
The textile products industry includes production of non-apparel textile products such as Backpacks, Baffles, Bags, Briefcases, Camping Tents, Canopies, Ceiling Liners, Conveyor Belts, Display Booths, Fabric Fences, Filter Bags, High Visibility Belts, Industrial Tents, Inflatable Boats, Nets, Sleeping Bags, Slings, Straps, Tarpaulins, Tents, Umbrellas, Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Wicks, & Mantles, Wind Screens, Wiping Cloths among many others. Many of these products are used in further stages of production by other downstream manufacturers.

Manufacturing Trends of Textile Products
Most of the textile products use unconventional fabrics, primarily, the high performance fibres and technical textiles. As a result of strong growth rates in this sector, many producers of apparel textiles are moving over to textile products with large investments in technical textiles. Applications for high performance fibres and technical textiles include conveyor belts, tarpaulins, tyre cords and ropes. Other high-tech products for a wide range of industrial end uses are also produced which include static-free and lint-free textiles for clean rooms in microelectronics manufacturing; stronger but lighter materials for use in aerospace; flame retardant textiles; and filters for liquids and gases to meet environmental pressures.

As the demand for specialist goods has increased, textile products are heavily used in many industries- aerospace, agriculture, horticulture and forestry, automotive, building, construction and engineering, fashion, sports and leisure, filtration, cleaning and other industrial uses, packaging, travel and transportation among others.

An idea of growing textile products industry can be had by having a look at market size of technical textiles which was approximately 6.45 billion US $ in 2007- 2008. The global consumption of technical textile component in the same period was about 5.6 % of the total textile consumption. As most of the textile products are produced by using technical textile, one can imagine the scope of the growth of this sector.

From the above chart, it is clear that more than 50% of the technical textile is consumed in USA and Western Europe. This proves that these regions are also the major destinations for textile products.

When talking about specific products, China is one of the leading importers of business bags and cases but a downtrend in its imports have started from 2007. Canada too, is a leading market in exports of business bags and cases.

Developments and Innovations in the Textile Products Industry
Apart from the fabric selection being the most important part of the manufacturing process of textile products, focus on research, product development and design have great importance. Researching alternate fabrics that can either lower the cost of a product or increase functionality is the major trend followed by most of the manufacturers.

As a result of intense researches carried out in the field, many innovations have been done. Chemical-free glove for household dusting, a novel textile barrier for containing oil and petroleum spills, a fabric which offers an alternative to metal vehicle body panels are all examples of such innovations. With the tremendous interest of the textile products manufactures, many more innovations and developments are bound to happen in the coming years in this fast growing industry of textile products.


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