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Recent Market Trends in the Textile Chemical Industry
Textile Chemicals which forms as essential component of the textile industry is creating a rage all over the world. In the recent times, this industry has witnessed a dynamic change in its innovation and a result, a fast pace increase in demand has been registered in the past decade.

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Textile Chemicals Industry Overview

An Introduction
Textile Chemicals
While manufacturing, textiles have to pass through different chemical and non chemical treatments. Various chemical products are used in yarn formation, fabric pretreatment and finishing, textile laminating and coating, and other miscellaneous applications. The chemicals used may be classified into Textile colorants, Textile Polymers, Finishing Chemicals,Dyeing chemicals and Printing Chemicals, Preparation Chemicals and others. Textile chemical products include highly specialized chemicals like biocides, flame retardants, water repellents and warp sizes as well as simple commodity chemicals or mixtures like emulsified oils and greases, starch, sulfonated oils, waxes and some surfactants.

Textile Machinery - The Global Players

The major global producers of the Textile Machinery include Italy, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. The countries from the Far East particularly China have managed to increase their export market share in the recent years. China is now the worlds fifth exporter of textile machinery. In the global context, Italy remains among the leaders in the sector, both in terms of production and exports, with about 11% market share. When talking about regions, Asia-Pacific dominates the world textile machinery market, both in size and growth rate. The Asia-Pacific textile machinery market is predicted to reach nearly US$14 billion by 2010 which is approximately half of the global market. The European market is the second largest, with value sales of nearly US$6.5 billion in 2006. Together, these two regions make 80% of the world market. United States market follows at a distant third, with an estimated share of about 7%.

Global Textile Chemicals Market- Future Prospectives
The global trend of increased emphasis on the production of higher-value textile goods, combined with growing environmental regulations will promote the use of more expensive chemical dyes and finishes, which will result in gains in market value. Already the less developed countries too, have started using higher value dyes and chemicals so as to meet standards in important export markets. Further, the trend towards increased environmental consciousness is going to influence this market in the most important way. The countries that are constantly developing environmental friendly processes and chemicals will be gainers in the process. The Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals popularly known as REACH has already been enforced in EU on June 1st 2007. This Regulation will bring major changes in the global chemicals industry mostly for manufacturers and importers of substances and preparations into the EU.


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