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Textile Chemicals Association

This section contains information about the associations related to textile chemicals including colors and textile chemists. All the information including contact address, telephone & fax numbers, website address etc. along with a brief profile of the colors and chemicals associations has been provided for the convenience of the viewers.

The International Color Consortium ( ICC )

Profile: The ICC is a consortium of industries engaged in colour and print activities. The objective of ICC is to create, promote and encourage evolution of an open, vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management system architecture and components. It currently has members from the leading digital camera, software, printing equipment, peripheral, digital copier, film, plate, ink and chemistry manufacturers in the world. It has developed its own �ICC profile specification�. The ICC specification is designed to provide developers and other interested parties with a clear description of the profile format.The current version of ICC specification is Version 4.0 which is specified in many international standards ( ISO 15076-1:2005).

 Fact File
Contact Address : International Color Consortium, 1899 Preston White Drive,Reston , VA 20191     ksmythe@npes.org
  (703) 264-7200

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)

Profile: The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) is a professional association for the textile design, materials, processing, and testing industries. Its members include employees of textile, apparel and home goods manufacturers; dye and chemical manufacturers; testing laboratories; consumer and retail organizations; state and federal government agencies; colleges and universities, corporates and individuals. The objective of AATCC is to promote knowledge of colorants, chemicals, and polymers in the Textile Industry, research work on chemical processes and other materials important to the Textile Industry and interchange of professional knowledge among its members. The Association has standard methods of testing dyed and chemically treated fibers and fabrics for examining qualities such as colorfastness , smoothness appearance, soil release, shrinkage, water resistance etc.. Its publications include annual "AATCC Technical Manual", monthly magazine "AATCC Review" and monthly electronic newsletter, "AATCC News".

 Fact File
Contact Address : AATCC, P.O. Box 12215, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709     assist@aatcc.org
  +1 919 549 3531
  +1 919 549 8933

The Color Association of the United States (CAUS)

Profile: The CAUS is a color forecasting service in the US. Its objective is to standardize colors in order to promote color coordination among the various trades. It gives directions to market color trends by issuing color forecasts in various segments like synthetic fibers, home furnishings, floor coverings, wallpaper, household appliances, paints, plastics, automobiles, motion pictures, television, and radio. It serves as a center for all kinds of color information. Its members include graphic and interior designers, mills and manufacturers, fashion and textile stylists, consultants, product development and marketing personnel and others from various countries. Members are given individual color consultations by its expert staff members. The members have access to extensive archival libraries of colors and bimonthly report "CAUS News"

 Fact File
Contact Address : 315 West 39th Street, Studio 507 New York, NY 10018     caus@colorassociation.com
  212 947-7774
  212 594-6987

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC)

Profile: The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) aims at developing understanding of colour and its application in industry. Its activities include promoting colour education and the professional status of the colourist, developing new testing procedures for industry, providing information on colour through its publications, e- newsletter and events. Its publications include a magazine "The Colourist", a journal "Coloration Technology", the "Colour Index" and several books. The society's internet subscription service is "ColourClick". Its members include persons from dye and pigment production industry, research, education, service industries and the retail sector from all over the world.

 Fact File
Contact Address : Society of Dyers and Colourists, PO Box 244, Perkin House, 82 Grattan Road, Bradford BD1 2JB, England     +44 (0)1274 725138
  +44 (0)1274 392888

Chemical Fabrics and Film Association Inc. ( CFFA )

Profile: CFFA is an International Trade Association for manufacturers of polymer- based fabric and film products. It aims at promoting education about the uses and benefits of chemical fabrics and film, product standardization and research. The members of the Association are divided into three categories: automotive/ transportation, decorative products and industrial products. It provides industry statistics and trends to its members.

 Fact File
Contact Address : 1300 Sumner Ave.Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2851     cffa@chemicalfabricsandfilm.com
  (216) 241-7333
  (216) 241-0105

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