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Textile Accessories Industry Overview

An Introduction
No garment or fashion item is complete without a piece of lace, ribbon, buttons or other trimmings. With the rising competition in the world clothing and apparels market, the significance of its subsidiary industries are also increasing. One such industry is that of Trims, Closures & Accessories.

Global Trims, Closures & Accessories Industry - Some Facts
  • Japan produces 68% of the world's zippers. Almost all of the rest are made in Southeast Asia where the major manufacturing countries are Bangladesh, China and India. These countries manufacture zippers not only for domestic use and for use in exported products but they are exporting zippers directly to other countries as well.
  • China too is a major exporter of zippers. China-made zippers are known for their low prices. However, suppliers here are finding it difficult to compete on price alone and are thus moving to midrange and high-end products.
  • Hong Kong has developed as a major producer of trimmings such as lace, ribbon or embroidered trims. Most of the companies here specialize in rayon, nylon, cotton and polyester trimmings including cotton, non-stretch and stretch lace designs as well as a vast variety of sequin trims, motifs and webbing tape. Raw materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, rubber and spandex are sourced from the China, Malaysia and Europe. Organza, velvet and other likewise raw materials are sourced from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong itself. The finished products are mostly supplied to US, Europe, Japan, Asia, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Africa.
  • Due to its large share in production and export in textile and clothing industry, Turkey has developed its own textile and clothing supply industry. Apart from satisfying domestic needs, this industry of Turkey is serving the global textile and clothing industry as well. It produces and supplies large quantities of wadding, zippers, buttons, hooks and eyes, labels, lace, trimmings, lining, interlining, tapes, elastic, ribbons etc. Direct exports of its textile and clothing supplies increased to about US$ 492 million in 2007 from US$ 278 million in 2005. A large quantity of trims and accessories are exported indirectly too with clothings and ready made garments which is estimated to be US$1.8 billion worth in 2007.
  • The major countries where Trims, Closures and Accessories are supplied from various producer countries include Russia, Poland, Iran, Germany, the UK, Italy, Romania and the USA among others.
  • The revenue of the Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing Industry in the U.S for the year 2007 was approximately $1.8 billion USD, with an estimated gross profit of 24.2%. Import was valued at $4.7 billion USD from 143 countries. Major technological advancements in embroidery machines may renew the declining narrow fabrics firms of US.
New Developments in the Industry
Since many trimmings and accessories such as lace, elastic, labels, tapes, ribbons etc. are in direct contact with human skin, they become significant as far as health is concerned. Many producers of Trims, Closures & Accessories have now become sensitive to health and environment and have adapted themselves to the developments in the international market. More and more manufacturers are making environment friendly products and obtaining eco-labels.

Following the latest trends, many fashion designers are being hired by apparel manufacturers who design clothing lines and accessories according to the latest fashion demands and cultural influences of mass market in targeted countries.


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