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Textile Products

Umbrellas Apart from Clothing and garment manufacturing, textile industry also consists of the manufacturing of non-apparel textile products. These products may include Awnings, Bags, Canopies, Display Booths, High Visibility Belts, Nets, Straps, Umbrellas, Wicks & Mantles, Backpacks, Briefcases, Ceiling Liners, Fabric Fences, Industrial Tents, Sleeping Bags, Tarpaulins, Upholstery, Wind Screens, Baffles, Inflatable Boats, Camping Tents, Conveyor Belts, Filter Bags, Slings, Tents, Wall Coverings, Wiping Cloths etc. Many of these products use textile materials in their manufacturing process and some other textile products are used in further stages of production by the downstream manufacturers.

A brief description of some of the textile products will help in understanding the role of textile in the manufacturing and usage of these products.

Awnings Awnings are used for sun protecting and for enhancing the beauty of home or office. These awnings, generally meant for window, door and patio, come in variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. The fabric awnings and canopies are usually made of canvas and awning or marine grade fabric. Today, awnings can be found in any shape- standard, round, concave or dome- shaped. The heavy-duty free standing commercial canopy are mostly accompanied with steel poles and frames. Some of them have slip- fit and bolt design which allows the awning to be assembled for permanent use or to be dismantled and transported to other locations. The portable shelters and instant pop up canopies are usually lightweight designed for quick and easy setup and take down. They are ideal for backyards, beach and outdoor events. These retractable awnings are either manually operated or motorized. The Manual Retractable Awnings are hand operated having a simple hand crank mechanism. Motorized Awnings open and close with a touch of a button, using a powerful electric motor.

BagFrom a simple item for carrying things, bags have earned the status of fashion and status symbol. Fashionable and stylish bags with different styles, patterns, attractive fabrics, numerous shades, rich and cool colors are desired by all. Innumerable types of bags- designer handbags, luggage, business & laptop cases, backpacks, messenger bags for men and women, sports & duffel bags, totes like beach totes, business tote, travel totes etc., travel accessories like toiletry kits, camera bags etc., kids & baby bags like diaper bags, kid's backpacks etc., - all are available in the market. Apart from these, customized promotional bags, product promotional bags, business promotional bags made of finest quality textile material are also in great demand.

Displays Booths
Displays Booths With the ever increasing trend of exhibiting ones products in trade shows, the demand for display booths have soared like never before. Fabric displays are preferred for promoting brands at events and shows. The portable displays, custom modular trade show booths, modular exhibits pop up systems, table top displays, panel displays, banners, table covers, imprinted table throws and many other trade show display products are in great demand. These display products get ones company noticed so essential for success. Most of the display booths have polished, high-end look, and have shelves, literature holders etc for convenient display of products. Most of the display booths have some primary elements. One of them is branding, using the company logo and name. The other element is a tag line or an action statement and finally an eye catching graphic visuals to promote the featured products or services.

Wicks & Mantles
Wicks & MantlesA wick is a cord or strand of loosely woven, twisted, or braided fibers, as on a candle or oil lamp. It draws up fuel to the flame by capillary action. These wicks may be made of cotton or fiber glass, each having distinct properties. Cotton wicks may be thin, long pieces of cotton in flat or tubular shape. They are used for oil burning appliances, paraffin/kerosene fueled green house heaters, incubators, motor vehicle sump heaters, radiators, refrigerators, railway signal lamps etc. Large diameter and wide width cotton wicks are used for cooking and boiling stoves. Incandescent mantles come in round and long fold for the usage of propane gas, natural gas and kerosene powered lamps and lanterns. Various types of wicks are manufactured. Core less Cotton wicks are completely cotton braided wicks and contain no core material. Zinc Core, Tin Core, Paper Core, Hemp Core are made of cotton with a core made of zinc, tin, stiff paper/ cardboard and hemp braid respectively.

Industrial Tents
Industrial TentsA large number of industrial tents with various properties are available nowadays. Most of these tents include frames. They are mostly manufactured with flat tops and round tops.The covers are usually manufactured from translucent flame retardant material so that a fair degree of light can pass through. The collapsible and easy to transport tents are mostly preferred by the industries requiring them. A variety of tents including Economy Pop Up Tents, Smoking Shelters, Work Tents,Inflatables, Forensics, Pop Up Tents, Events & Exhibition Tents, Industrial Structures, Party Tents, Marquees, Garden Marquees, Commercial Marquees, Welding Protection Tent and many more are manufactured according to the demands of the market.

Sleeping Bags
Sleeping BagsWith increasing recreational activities like camping and resultant outdoor living, sleeping bags have almost become a part of everyones lives. A wide variety of sleeping bags including women specific sleeping bags, Kid's Sleeping bags, Kid's Slumber bags, and Two-Person Sleeping bags, all are manufactured with variety of features. The sleeping bags that are manufactured with focus on comfort are warm, roomy and responsive to every movement. They have ambient temperature and built according to standard body sizes and are washable too. Most of them can be compressed for easier packing and the shells are wind-resistant with snag-free zippers. Utmost care is taken by most of the manufacturers to use easy-care, machine wash and dry, colorfast fabrics. These days two-person sleeping bags are also in great demand. Many of these come with pillows for extra comfort and most of the two-person sleeping bags can be made into separate regular size sleeping bags when unzipped. Some Sleeping bags are made of flame retardant fabric for added protection.

SlingsSlings are used in various industries for lifting heavy objects. Till recently chain and wire ropes were used for the purpose. Due to the newer developments, nowadays, fabric slings are preferred by most of the industries. When lifting heavy objects, wire rope or chain slings might scratch the load causing expensive rework. This is not the case with the fabric slings. These slings are made of abrasion resistant and high performance fabrics like aramid and have polyester or nylon outer cover. Most of them have overload tell-tails and are reparable. Some of them are specially designed for hot environments so as to provide protection from exposure to fire, heat, sparks etc. Some of them are manufactured for giving an aid for finding the center of gravity. When the load is lifted, the ring moves over the center of gravity to balance and level the object. This is particularly helpful in lifting uneven geometric proportions. Certain newer types of slings have warning indicators for detecting and reporting damage to the core yarn , fiber abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload.

Wiping Cloths
Wiping ClothsWiping cloths and rags are extensively used in all types of businesses and industries including painting, janitorial and industrial sites, car and boat dealers, airlines, manufacturing, car washes, furniture manufacturing and hair salons, to name a few. They come in a number of variations including cut, trimmed and hemmed.

Bar towels are used where a professional looking towel is needed like food services etc. Bleach resistant towels, generally made of soft absorbent cotton, are ideal for hair salons. carwash towels include terry, huck, surgical and microfiber towels. Huck towels can also be used as general cleaning cloths for windows, mirrors and glass. For wiping needs, cleaning cloths and towels, both disposable and machine washable, are manufactured. These include cotton flannel, terry towels, cotton t-shirt material, microfiber, and treated dust cloths. Sometimes color coded wiping cloths are manufactured for differentiating between departments or jobs. Non-woven wipers are highly absorbent and works well with water, grease, oil and paint. Equipment and surface wipes are pretreated wipes which can be used for wiping fitness equipments, tanning beds, and other surfaces. Specialty lab wipes are used for light duty and delicate jobs. Microfiber cloths are used for cleaning, dusting, or polishing as they are ideal for picking up and trapping the dirt without the use of chemicals. Then there are Tack rags which are used to prepare an area before painting. Window towels, lint-free towels are used for cleaning windows of cars or commercial cleaning. Yellow Treated Dust Cloths are treated with mineral oil, and are great for picking up dust.