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Acrylic Fibers- The High Performance Fibers

Acrylic Fibers Everywhere today, there is demand for high performance fabrics. This has driven the fiber scientists and material technologists for making specialty fibers. As a result, many hi- tech fibers have been developed that are used in various fields. These fibers have high tenacity and high strength which are the prerequisites for technical textiles. These high performance fibers find applications in every walk of life including Space, Ocean, composites, aircrafts, defense, automobile and many more.

Synthetic fiber has been there as a cheap and easy to handle alternative to natural fiber. However, the new man made high performance fibers have a much higher level of functionality which play a key role in the field of high technology. One of these high performance fiber is the Acrylic fiber.

What are Acrylic Fibers Acrylic Scarf Shawl
Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers that are made from any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85 % by weight of acrylonitrile units. Acrylic fabrics can be used all the year round due to their comfort factor. Inspired from the consumers' demands and a wide range of advantages, the apparel manufacturers utilize it for making various clothing regardless of any specific season.

The key factor that lends acrylic fabric its quality of comfort is its ability of moisture transportation or wicking. Acrylic fiber is characterized with inherent polarity i.e, the ability to attract and convey moisture. Due to this quality acrylic fiber gives lifetime wicking capability to fabrics that are made from it. These days the active wear or sports wear are growingly made from these acrylic fabrics as the wearer feels more comfortable because of moisture management done by them.

How Acrylic Fabrics do Moisture Management?
Moisture Management FabricsThe dermisphere is the air space between human skin and clothing. Whatever may be the air temperature or in whatever activity a wearer may be engaged, the type of fibers and the construction of the fabric wholly affects the state of his dermisphere. The type of fibers and construction of the fabric directly affect the climate in one's dermisphere, and determine how comfortable, or uncomfortable one is regardless of the air temperature or activity in which the person is engaged.

Due to its greater wicking ability, acrylic fibers pick up the moisture, formed primarily due to sweating, and transport it to the garment's outer surface from where the moisture evaporates. Thus the skin remains dry and the wearer feels comfortable. On the contrary, if someone is wearing a garment made of a fabric which is not effective in absorbing moisture, he will definitely feel uncomfortable due too the damp skin. Thus acrylic fabric is a good moisture management fabric.

Moisture Dissipation Test
In moisture dissipation test, fabrics are spun dry to evaluate their drying time. All the fabrics are started with their own percentage of moisture based on the fiber's moisture regain. As cotton fabrics regain the greatest amount of moisture and also take longest time to dry, it is used as the standard for comparison. The data received from the test of various fibers are expressed in percentage as compared to cotton. For example, nylon fabrics dry 60% faster than cotton and acrylic micro fiber fabrics dry 75% faster than cotton.

Advantages of Acrylic Fibers
Acrylic FabricsDue to its wicking ability and other characteristics, the fabric designers all over world are opting acrylic fabrics for manufacturing garments for all seasons.
  • Not only, the acrylic fabrics are high in performance but also they have a luxurious feel and they also drape very well.
  • They are lightweight but have more bulk. This is due to their quality of lower specific gravity.
  • They are comfortable to wear due to high moisture management.
  • Dyes can be easily applied to them and they are colorfast.
  • They are odor and mildew resistant too.
  • In cold weather acrylics provide excellent insulation and warmth without any extra weight.
Application of Acrylic Fabrics
Acrylic ClothingAcrylic fabrics are used for making various clothings, home furnishings and other items. They also find application in industries due to their high performance values.
  • Acrylic Fabrics are mostly used to make such garments that need to make the wearer more and more comfortable through moisture management such as outerwear pile fabrics, thermal underwears, socks & tights, sweaters and sleepwear.
  • They are also used in making home furnishings like carpets, rugs, upholstery, cushions, blankets, pile sheets, etc.
  • Their industrial application is in manufacturing of felts for paper making, filter cloth, alternative asbestos, tents, sheet, etc.
  • They are also used for making rag doll, toys, auxiliary tapes for bags, braids, cloth for bags, wigs, etc.