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Interior Decoration with Textile Furnishings
Interior decor, in fact, the whole interior environment of any home decides the comfort, utility of space and the level of effect on one's psyche. Home furnishings, also popular by the names textile furnishings or soft furnishings, are one...

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If you have some basic queries about the textile industry or the processes involved in the textile production and manufacture, you can refer to this section. From as simple a topic as definition of textile, it includes a variety of topics like textile history, types of weaves, fabric care and many more. The only thing you need to do for increasing your knowledge about textile, fabrics and related topics is to click on your requisite relevant sections.

Knowledge Center

New developments and knowledge about basic manufacturing processes of fiber, yarn, fabric and other components of textile industry is a necessity for textile traders and academicians equally. For all your textile related academic requirements.

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From the raw material, fiber to the end product which can be an apparel, clothing, garment, home furnishing, trim, accessory or any other textile product, the fabric goes through various processes.

Latest Textile Processes

From processing of fiber till tucking of a button, a garment goes through several processes. To know the efforts put into making of that perfect dress, lets have an overview of all the textile manufacturing processes

Currency, time, temperature and other standards differ from country to country due to which global textile manufacturers and exporters face difficulties. Various converters are here for your convenience.