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An Introduction
Fabrics Fabrics, the basic material of textile industry has varied usage in the production of different items. Its supply chain can remain smooth only if there is a continuous supply of textile fabric from various textile fabric manufacturers and wholesale companies. Fabrics are usually differentiated on the basis of composition having two types of fabrics, Natural Fabrics, and Synthetic Fabrics. Differentiation of fabric by usage is also common that may include Apparel Fabrics, Bags Fabrics, Clothing Fabrics, Home Furnishing Fabrics, Hosiery Fabrics, Industrial Fabrics among others. Fabrics categorized on the basis of manufacturing process are also in demand by various manufacturers. These fabrics include Blended Fabric, Warp Knit Fabric, Ribbed Fabric, Satin Fabric, and Crocheted Fabric. Of late Speciality Fabrics like Flame Resistant Fabric, Laminated Fabric, Carbon Fabric, Fiberglass Fabric etc have also become important for various manufacturers.

If quality products have to be manufactured, the first and the foremost concern is the cautious selection of fabrics. The Manufacturers select Fabric by usage. It means that the production of different goods like apparel, bags, bedding, curtain, drapery, industrial clothing, all need a different kind of fabric than the other. This underlines the need of proper and comprehensive information about Fabrics & it's manufacturers. There are innumerable Fabric Companies that manufacture myriad types of fabrics spread across the globe. This Fabrics Companies Directory is compilation of information about fabric manufacturers and wholesale companies from 200 different geographies dealing in all type of quality fabrics like Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics, Speciality Fabrics, Blended, Warp Knit, Ribbed, Satin, and Crochet Fabric.

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