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Interior Decoration with Textile Furnishings

Submitted by : By TE Online on April 10, 2009 1:02 PM
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Interior decor, in fact, the whole interior environment of any home decides the comfort, utility of space and the level of effect on one's psyche. Home furnishings, also popular by the names textile furnishings or soft furnishings, are one of the most important component of a home's interior environment. They are flexible, they come in a variety of textures, prints, designs, patterns and fabrics. What else we need other than textile furnishings to give every corner of a home its own identity.

Role of Fabrics in Interior Decor

home furnishing fabrics.jpgFabric is such a material that is used by most of the interior decorators to cure any flaw in the interior architecture. There are many other primary functions of fabrics in interior decoration apart from this secondary function of hiding defects in furnitures and architecture.
  • Fabrics provide good insulation, keeping cool in summers and warm in winters according to the choice of fabrics.
  • They can provide privacy to any required degree- sheer curtains http://www.teonline.com/home-furnishings/curtains/ will let people enjoy outside beauty while the opaque curtains will keep outside world literally out of sight.
  • Fabrics provide sound insulation. They reduce noise, make music and even speech richer and more resonant of all acoustic materials.
  • They can be used almost everywhere and can take almost any shape and size. No other material can be used with so much of versatility.
  • They can be reused, changed or replaced with great ease.

Characteristics Needed in Textile Furnishings

upholstery fabrics.jpgHome furnishings are not meant only for decoration. They have to be enough strong or light, resistant to some materials such as water or fire, and should have many other properties according the purpose they are intended to be used.
  • Curtain fabrics should have light fastness.
  • Upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics again should have resistance to seam slippage.
  • Bedding fabrics should have resistance to pilling and stains.
  • Quilting fabrics and fabrics used for pillow covers, cushion covers, mattress cover etc. should have resistance to snagging.
  • Fabrics for kitchen linen should be flame resistant fabric.
  • Shower curtains should be made from water repellent fabrics.
  • Other fabrics for bathroom furnishings like bath towels should have high water absorption ability.
  • Upholstery and other fabrics like that for aprons should have shape retention capability.
  • It is this requirement of properties that some fabrics are preferred more for one home furnishing item and some others are liked for other home furnishings.

    Interior Decor Styles Achieved Through Fabrics

    bed linen.jpgA house furnished with exactly the right home furnishing fabrics at the right place truly gives a heavenly experience. And for this 'so-much-desired' experience, people spend money on everything from interior decorator's fee to furniture, flooring and many more things just to create magical environment with right match of color, theme, textures and fabrics. In fact, fabrics can give stylish, traditional as well as contemporary look to any decor.
    • Chenille fabric and printed flocked fabric, used with a creamy white background color along with subtle shades of patterns will give a shabby chic style to a room.
    • The rough strong corduroy fabric, used in various coverings, curtains and cushions give a contemporary stylish look.
    • The same corduroy when combined with Damask- plain or with patterns- will give a traditional appearance.
    • Jacquard fabric and brocade fabric-again available in plain or patterns- will give traditional looks.
    • Stripes and chequered fabrics can make a room look bright and informal and when different sized stripes and checks are mixed and matched with complimentary colors, they will definitely provide a contemporary look.
    • And here is the versatile knit fabric, that can give all kind of colors, forms, textures and dimensions to a room. They can be used for almost any home furnishings- cushion covers, bed coverings, sofa throws, rugs, curtains, sofa covers and what not! They are capable of giving traditional as well as contemporary look, that too with style.

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