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Recent Market Trends in the Textile Chemical Industry

Submitted by : By TE Online on March 9, 2009 5:42 AM

Textile Chemicals which forms as essential component of the textile industry is creating a rage all over the world. In the recent times, this industry has witnessed a dynamic change in its innovation and a result, a fast pace increase in demand has been registered in the past decade. The methodology involved in the manufacturing of these textile chemicals includes various procedures and chemical treatments. The markets gains of the textile industry relies heavily on the global trend of increased vehemence on the production of textile goods that are higher in value and also satisfy the environmental concerns.

All over the world, there has been a huge demand for textile chemicals, at a lower cost. This is possible only when high solid concentrates are used, amount of water to be shipped in checked upon, transportation is lowered and even the cost is cut. Combination of several chemical auxiliaries in one product too is becoming an efficacious way to lower the overall chemical costs. New chemical technologies that can help in maintaining the growth of textile chemicals in accordance with legislation on health, safety and environment too are surfing up. Now lets have a brief over view of what is in new in the global textile industry.

textile-chemicals.jpg Of recent major advances in chemicals for technical textiles have been in polymers. The main advantages of this material, i.e. strong growth potential and fibers inherent semiconductor capabilities, are being highlighted. Besides, new coatings, laminates and binder systems are also providing higher added value products in the textile manufacturing industry. Another niche in this segment is the textile wet processing chemicals that can help lower the cost of textile chemical production effectively. Another approach to lower chemical costs is to provide the chemicals in bulk or semi-bulk containers. In this way, the costs for drums and drum disposal are eliminated.

textile-testing-chemical.jpg Continuing the decade old trend of having the strongest growth in the textile industry, the textile chemicals manufacturers and wholesalers have now come up with unique ideas for making even the textile chemicals industry go eco friendly. Natural fibers that are less expensive and have better durability are now replacing the use of higher-value non-chlorine bleaching chemicals and other products such as finishing chemicals.

The global demand for textile chemicals is being estimated to increase 2.8 percent per year to $19 billion in 2012. While the manufacturers and suppliers of these textile chemicals are predicting a rise in the Colorants and auxiliaries in this segment all over the world, the tag of being the leader in the consumption of textile chemicals is going to belong to India and China. The Chinese chemical textile market on the other hand promises long term development trends that are going to have an impact on China's macroeconomic trends, investment environment, textile chemicals industry structure and capacities, production and demand, end-user market consumption trends, distribution channels and industry participants.

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