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Modern Embroidery Machines

Submitted by : By TE Online on December 26, 2008 9:30 AM

lockstitch-20chenille-20mac.jpgSewing had been an age old activity. As man is creative and innovative by nature, he learnt to decorate his sewn clothes too. From hand embroidery to simple manual embroidery machines and ultimately to commercial computerized embroidery machines, these embroidery machines have come a long way. The modern embroidery machines are the improvised forms of the sewing machine. Some of them are for embroidery only and some other machines are a combination of embroidery and sewing.

Innovations in Embroidery Machines manufacturing

During its long period of existence, newer types of embroidery machines have been introduced. Everyday new features are being added to these machines to keep up with the requirements of the end users. The most important factors that are considered while improvising these machines are their adaptability and ease of use. Computerized machines with software applications, automatic re-threading, artistic embroidery designs, and good storage memory have all been introduced in the modern embroidery machines and more advanced features are being added regularly. Two types of embroidery machines, Chenille Machines and Multihead Embroidery Machines, are the most used embroidery machines which are in much demand these days.


Chenille Embroidery Machines


Historically, chenille embroidery has had many applications in decorating fabrics. From delicate work of lace to commonly recognized emblems and letters sewn on letterman’s jackets, chenille is that form of embroidery which is recognized by almost all. Shifting from hand stitched patterns, the chenille embroidery became industrialized with the lockstitch sewing machine. These machines could produce both - chenille stitches, also known as moss stitches, and chain stitches by using only one thread for both types of stitches. Variations of these machines were developed for taping, cording and sequins as well as machines with two needles for four thread stitching. All these machines still required skilled manual labor.

With growing demands, the chenille embroidery machines manufacturers went on to support research for developing such machines that could mass produce and that required lesser skills. The efforts resulted in production of chenille machines with various mechanical functions controlled by pulse motors. Looper drive, Z-axis drive (needle and looper synchronization), and ATH (automatic thread trimming) – all these functions were driven by pulse motors in the new electronic chenille machines. Recent developments in the field of digitized software for embroidery market, certain very sophisticated and easy to use software for chenille work have been introduced. Electronic machines and software combined, are at work to satisfy the growing demands of the customers who want very fine works of embroidery.

Multi-Head Embroidery Machines


As the name suggests, the multi-head embroidery machines have many heads ranging in number from two to eight heads and the number of needles may go as far as twelve or more. They are intended for larger sew areas. In some of these machines, the multi-head systems stitch independently so that each of the heads can be configured for handling different patterns. They are all networked by a single computer. These machines have a greater embroidery speed. Some of the modern multi-head embroidery machines have speed at 1500 stitches per minute. Some of the newly introduced machines have small cylindrical arm that makes it convenient for sewing small areas such as pockets, kid's garments, golf club covers, and a large variety of caps and such other smaller items. These types of machines are ideal for both multi variety small- lot production and small variety large-lot production.

In fact, the multi-head embroidery machines have revolutionized the embroidery industry by providing such advanced features that can simultaneously manufacture quality products in shorter period of time thus giving a boost to the whole embroidery industry.

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