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Mens Sleeveless T-Shirt
Mens Silk Suit
Mens Sleeveless T-ShirtMens Silk Suit
Mens Cotton Sweater
Mens Leather Suit
Mens Cotton SweaterMens Leather Suit
Mens Cotton T-Shirt
Mens Track Sweater
Mens Cotton T-ShirtMens Track Sweater
Mens Embroided Jacket
Mens Denium Suit
Mens Embroided JacketMens Denium Suit
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Apparel Garments The Apparel Clothing & Garments Companies Directory lists the Manufacturers and wholesale supplier companies dealing in various sectors of clothing such as mens clothing, womens clothing, kids clothing, infant wear, sports wear etc. With the Industry going global, the Manufacturers and Suppliers do not have to limit themselves within any boundary. The Companies from varied countries join hands in order to meet the ever expanding demands of the consumers worldwide. In such a situation, a vast resource of Apparel and Garment Industry becomes indispensable. This Directory also includes the categories as diverse as clothing by fabrics, fashion clothing, industrial clothing, and animal clothing.

Apparel, Clothing & Garments Companies Directory

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Apparel, Clothing & Garments
Various items of clothing, also known as apparel, garments, dress or attire are worn not only in order to protect the body against extreme weather conditions but also for functional as well as cultural, social reasons. Clothings also have an attached emotional value for the wearer.